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Enterprise Data Sharing – Enterprise Table Projects (ETP)

The Client

The Attorney General also assists district attorneys, local law enforcement, and federal and international criminal justice agencies in the administration of justice. To support California’s law enforcement community, the Attorney General coordinates statewide narcotics enforcement efforts, participates in criminal investigations and provides forensic science services, identification and information services and telecommunication support.

In addition, the Attorney General establishes and operates projects and programs to protect Californians from fraudulent, unfair, and illegal activities that victimize consumers or threaten public safety. The Attorney General also enforces laws that safeguard the environment and natural resources.

Under the state Constitution, the Attorney General is elected to a four-year term in the same statewide election as the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Controller, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Superintendent of Public Instruction and Insurance Commissioner. In 1990, voters imposed a two-term limit on these statewide offices.

CDI’s Mission is to:

  • Protect consumers
  • Seek innovative ways to foster healthy and fair market competition;
  • Vigorously ensure that insurance companies fulfill their legal and contractual obligations
  • Ensure that consumers have full and meaningful information about insurance products, companies and agents
  • Maintain an open, equitable regulatory process
  • Fairly and impartially uphold the law
The Challenge

The California Department of Justice (DOJ) Hawkins Data Center provides operational services to DOJ and over 800 local criminal justice agencies throughout California. Critical criminal justice operations warranted an enterprise solution and information sharing model. The challenges that led to a transformative effort included:

  • Enterprise data in silos
  • Expiring application/vendor support
  • High-level of data administration
The Solution

DOJ selected Delegata to manage, develop and implement the Enterprise Tables Project (ETP), a custom web-based application based on an “enterprise data model.” The model supports data as a service (in line with DOJ’s Service Oriented Architecture concept) for reusability on future operations. ETP enables DOJ to share enterprise and community master data with other entities such as Automated Criminal History System, Automated Fingerprint Identification System, California Law EnforcementWebs, Live Scan, Mental Health and more.

The Benefits

Delegata delivered a flexible architecture that enables DOJ to easily maintain their enterprise data. ETP interprets data models and enables business owners to define and enter business rules so when a new enterprise table is defined, it can be easily introduced to the system without changes to code.

Improved work-flow processes where data owners can easily add, review, approve and publish to other systems Enhanced security with role-based access Accurate and timely information based on elimination of data overlap Reduced and standardized business rules Enterprise data sharing with legacy systems Development of new enterprise tables without dedicated IT

In addition to managing and implementing ETP utilizing proven methodologies from Diamond and the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), Delegata partnered with DOJ to conduct thorough knowledge transfer so that new processes and systems were effectively integrated into the DOJ team.

Delegata and DOJ received the 2008 Best Solutions Award at the Government Technology Conference (GTC) for the Enterprise Tables Project.



The Client

For nearly 30 years, the Department of Alcohol & Drug Programs (ADP) has been California’s authority on substance abuse prevention and treatment. ADP’s responsibilities range from licensing and certification of providers to delivering strategies and standards throughout the state. In November of 2000, the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act (SACPA) required ADP to rapidly implement statewide policy, forcing it into a period of dynamic change. Recognizing that its future success would depend, to a large degree, on its ability to effectively manage and apply information, ADP partnered with Delegata to help meet the challenge.

The Challenge

ADP requested that Delegata perform a technical study to develop an organization-wide data structure direction and strategy. The study included the need for a combined data structure, shared access for multiple business areas, an implementation strategy, and a transition strategy. The scope of the project included an analysis of three pilot projects and a number of various legacy systems.

The Solution

Delegata leveraged the Diamond © methodology and conducted a thorough study of existing systems and data. The study delved into multiple program areas to determine user requirements, needs and expectations. Having completed our investigation, we worked with ADP to create a future vision and developed a strategic roadmap for implementation of the solution.

Delegata performed an analysis and facilitated the development of a strategy that was defined at the executive level. Our strategy included an integrated solution with infrastructure, systems, and processes that included a data warehouse for analysis and decision support. The strategy positioned ADP to provide services through its existing infrastructure while moving towards a long-term, full implementation goal.

The Benefits

Delegata successfully integrated the results of several previously unfinished data warehouse studies. We identified 18 systems and 6 process areas to better integrate and share data. ADP’s new strategy included how to proceed with current “pilot” applications, built on Oracle Forms. Additionally, we reviewed the final strategy, and set a course for implementing state-of-the-art technology systems that are clean, user-friendly, and deliver accurate, meaningful context.

Princess Nourah Logos

Princess Noura Unviersity for Women

The Client

The Arabian Agriculture and Livestock Investment Company (AALICO) provides landscaping services across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). AALICO was expanding to take on larger Landscaping and Irrigation System Implementation projects within KSA and won a $22M bid for soft landscaping (delivery and implementation of living plants) and irrigation construction for Princess Noura University for Women (PNUFW).

The PNUFW project alone expanded AALICO’s revenue by more than twelve times their previous company revenues. Such larger projects bring a higher risk of performance and higher cost due to the infrastructure required to ensure the project can be completely responsive to contract requirements and standards that are not normally present in smaller projects. The focus for AALICO was Landscaping and Secondary Irrigation installation to be completed in two years for the entire University while it was under construction. With the risks of managing and implementing one of the largest single site landscaping projects in the world, AALICO partnered with Delegata to prepare itself for such larger projects through the establishment of a Project Management Office (PMO).

The Challenge

AALICO was awarded a very large contract by Princess Noura University that presented considerable execution challenges. During initial realization of the project there were significant conflicts and misunderstandings with the prime contractor that indicated a need to correct internal engineering practices, project management execution, contract management and communications management to prevent termination. The focus for AALICO was Landscaping and Secondary Irrigation installation to be completed in two years for the entire University while it was under construction. This presented significant challenges for time constraints and interdependent impacts between other construction companies.

The Solution

Initially focused on preventing contract termination, the Delegata program and project management solutions for contract, configuration, risk, and scope change management were introduced. Relationship management solutions were put in place to help the prime contractor begin to see the responsiveness and accountability of the organization to requirements as well as the ability to hold the prime contractor accountable for their responsibilities. As the relationship and performance stabilized, the work effort was sustained and additional effort was placed into development of project management standards for large project performance, definition of technical support systems, analysis of job cost systems to support large jobs as well as hiring assistance and training in the various aspects of individual performance required to execute the contract. The PMO documentation was delivered and put on hold while contract execution and relationship management were sustained through contract project end dates. (This aspect continued for some time due to scheduling extensions from the prime contractor for issues in providing areas for work to be completed.)

The Benefits


With the Delegata solution, AALICO was able to retain the large contract and stabilized the execution of the project performing to a set of standards for large projects. Even though performance was not supported with a business system for job cost project management, records were manually kept and were sufficient to defend AALICO and to prove performance that kept pace with the prime contractor. Significant revenue was preserved and the PMO documentation in itself is an investment to help perform on large projects in a more consistent manner in future initiatives.


AALICO incorporated improved communications capability for project execution on a project site both among the delivery team members as well as with the prime contractor with better access to e-mail, improved planning desktop tools and tracking capabilities that provided an acceptable communication capability for the prime contractor. A job cost system recommendation was also made to help build the future technology infrastructure required for large projects.

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