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Actionable Strategy

Program & Project Management

Program and Project Management (PPM) leverages Delegata’s expertise to execute and manage all aspects of project life cycles in a client portfolio, no matter the size and scope. In today’s environment of shrinking budgets and increased public scrutiny, every organization needs a solid understanding of project management principles and techniques—across methodologies—that support and set appropriate performance expectations.

Enterprise Architecture

Delegata’s EA team ensures that the fundamental infrastructure of an organization aligns the technical environment with the business objectives: people, processes, and technology working in harmony to support the planned state of improved performance.

Data, Analytics, & Business Intelligence

Data, Analytics, and Business Intelligence (BI) is about empowering decision-makers to optimize business processes. For Delegata, this is not a technology project; it is a secure business program that delivers decision information to key staff, so that they are able to extract business value from the vast—and sometimes overwhelming—amounts of data available.

Organization Transformation

The journey of an organization starts with its people. Whether an organization is implementing new technology systems, changing business processes, adding new products or services, or reorganizing to better align with performance requirements, there are meaningful patterns of activity, participation, and understanding that must be recognized. Delegata facilitates organizations in leading their transformation from a “current state” to a more efficient “future state” by using multiple approaches to create a culture of continual progress.

Custom Solutions

Delegata has a unique ability to build custom solutions that go beyond standard enterprise needs. These award-winning solutions have allowed Delegata’s clients to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Solutions include strategic communication, systems integration, web development, custom applications, and more.


Our Diamond Enterprise

Diamond is a growing enterprise support system that provides rapid realization of client-specific strategic initiatives.

The Value of Diamond®

Diamond is Delegata’s interactive database of methodologies, tools, and artifacts that provide our subject matter experts with the ability to assemble exceptional solutions from multiple approaches. This building block approach allows users to complete assignments at a faster pace, while ensuring that techniques feed off of Delegata’s best practices and that the client solutions are configurable to the specific business needs.

  • Incorporates 38 methodologies, and growing

  • Covers entire solution life cycle

  • Created as an open systems concept

  • Elevates process delivery

  • Facilitates customized solution roadmap

Centers of Excellence enabled by Diamond
Delegata's Diamond Methodology

See the capacity of the Diamond® Methodology, and what content areas it covers!

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