Hoshan Office Automation started out as the company’s Office Equipment Division. It is the largest in the Group’s areas of operation and offers a full range of office products, enjoying a leading market position across Saudi Arabia.

Indeed, Hoshan was the first company in the Kingdom to provide fax machines, and still dominate this segment of the market. It is also fairly safe to assume that our range of products can be found in virtually every office in the country.

Aside from their provision of office equipment, Hoshan also offer a number of complementary solutions such as document management and networked printing and copying solutions, audio visual solutions etc. We have also created our own software development department which specialises in adapting computerised applications to suit local conditions – for example, by modifying their use to the Arabic language.

Management Innovation Initiative

The Challenge

Headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the Hoshan Group is parent to seven companies focusing on office automation, communications and information technology. Because of the growth spurt in Saudi Arabia, the Hoshan Group was experiencing pressure to offer more integrated office solutions. Hoshan’s traditional product offerings were focused on more vertically oriented product sales and implementation. The company had significant challenges offering integrated solutions from different business units across traditional product lines or combining efforts to respond and negotiate to large client needs where products needed to be sourced from different business units.

The Solution

Hoshan’s vision was to transform the traditional culture to a high-performance environment driven by customer needs and to respond as an integrated solutions provider. Delegata began with transformation solutions to establish alignment of the Vision and Strategy across management and leadership in all the Hoshan companies. A three-day retreat completed the alignment activity to establish the strategy. A change management office (CMO) structure was incorporated in order to sustain actions to achieve the strategy. The CMO collected performance information and managed risks, issues and other concerns, generating requirements for projects to maintain focus on strategy achievement. Program and project management solutions contributed to methodology development and project execution capability enhancement. Delegata’s architecture solutions contributed to establishing an enterprise focus for process across business lines to institutionalize methods and measurements for achievement. Team building and soft skill training was incorporated to help individuals transition from silo focus to those supporting the overall strategy.

The Benefits


As Hoshan leaders put it, they were able to “change the way we change”. The structure helped to solidify internal capacity to measure effectiveness and keep project investments in alignment with priorities to achieve strategic objectives. These projects (Mubadrahs) began to systematically change the way individuals conducted their business. General Managers from each company acted within an executive committee to assign resources and validate efforts for integration and collaboration for the benefit of all. New compensation models and sales operations focus provided support for changes to market response activities.


Hoshan implemented their business process architecture in modeling software and incorporated metrics to help them manage to a documented baseline. This baseline added significant fidelity in change activity since the teams could avoid inadvertent disruptions by using baselines as the basis for suggesting changes. Project execution and related methodologies were implemented in tools to facilitate uniform and consistent application of effort and reporting.

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