• Enterprise Architecture (EA) DNA White Paper (Acrobat 2.99MB)

    Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a framework or “blueprint” for how the organization achieves the business objectives at hand and in the future. For many organizations enterprise architecture, properly engineered, could possibly be the single most effective tool they can use to ensure that the right information gets to the right people, in the right format, and at the right time.

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) White Paper (Acrobat 381KB)

    The strongest of enterprise architecture trends lately is represented by three words – Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Focus on a Service Oriented Enterprise to enhance business performance across interfaces and to prepare to leverage SOA technology for the highest potential impact.

  • Framework White Paper (Acrobat 328KB)

    The reuse of enterprise resources has been practiced in industry for many years, yet often enterprises have failed to realize the real benefits of a strategic framework strategy. 

    Delegata's white paper "Framework for Enterprise Reuse" describes a strategy to achieve the significant benefits of reuse at the enterprise level.


  • Transformation Readiness: Preparing Your Organization for the Complex Changes Ahead - Best of California 2007 (Acrobat 1.1MB or .MOV Interactive Quicktime format 83.8MB)

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    Presentation from the Delegata session at the Best of California 2007 Awards Event (12.12.2007). This session was aimed at discussing the steps to successful transformation readiness with case studies from leading California state agencies.

  • Leadership Focus: A Model for Maintaining Focus (Acrobat 1.9MB or .MOV Interactive Quicktime format 9.3MB)

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    A concept presentation that explains the leadership challenge of prioritization.  Leaders have the responsibility to set and prioritize priorities to leverage the enterprise architecture, meet its schedules, and maximize limited resources.  This illustrates and explains the prioritization of work requests, issues, risks, requirements, and projects that contribute to the progress and sustainability of the organization.

  • Getting to the Next Level: Developing a Culture of Dynamic Progress Presentation - Best of California 2006 (Acrobat 7.4MB or .MOV Interactive Quicktime format 23.2MB)

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    Presentation from the Delegata session at the Best of California 2006 Awards Event (11.13.2006). Continual change requires a culture of continual progress. This session was aimed at providing compelling examples of organizational change management principles and best practices.

  • Leading Change with Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Project Management Office (PMO): " From Vision to Reality" A Thought Leadership Seminar Presentation(.PPS & Acrobat Files 12.3MB)

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    Presentation from the Fouth Seminar in our "Vision to Reality" Series (2.24.2005). Learn how to define your enterprise, drive progress in the face of change, and bridge architectures to take advantage of existing efforts in alignment with future goals.

  • Coping with Massive Change Seminar Presentation:
    Best of California 2004
    (Acrobat File 5.87MB)

    Presentation from the Delegata session at the Best of California Awards Event (12.16.2004). This session was aimed to help define your enterprise and identify its specific challenges. You will see how Enterprise Architecture is the framework for solving multiple challenges with single solutions.

  • Framework Seminar Presentation: "From Vision to Reality" (Acrobat File 5.03MB)

    Presentation from the third seminar in our "Vision to Reality" series (11.5.2003). Learn from industry experts about achieving
    rapid business value through reusable components and
    framework-based architectures.

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