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Delegata’s Diamond® is our suite of infrastructure tools that facilitate solution delivery.  Diamond® is where we configure plans for specific client projects from our suite of methodology areas (38 and growing). This configuration capability, the heart of Delegata’s delivery strategy, provides rapid realization of client-specific strategic initiatives using a multifaceted approach to ensure gem-quality results. Designed as a dynamic and flexible internal methodology-building capability, Diamond® governs the integration and deployment of solutions of any size in support of strategic business initiatives.  Initiatives most often begin with a pre-solution evaluation that takes both business and technology goals and constraints into account.  Where best practice and client-specific standards exist, they are incorporated into the methodology to quickly create a customized solution roadmap.  This ensures that our approach can build toward individual client goals while adhering to industry standards.

Diamond® methodologies cover the entire solution life cycle.  From initiation and implementation through optimization, the methodologies are applicable to, and tailored for, unique solution deployment.  Because methodologies are designed with an open systems concept, Diamond® enables Delegata to select and combine the best technologies available, creating a customized solution for each client.  Employing Diamond®, Delegata adopts client standards and helps them envision, plan and implement a variety of solutions to elevate process performance, internal competency and technological capability.

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